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Fillmed AA-Lift Serum



AA Lift Serum (Firmness) (30ml)

Daily Lift Treatment

Exercise for the skin, gives lifted energised and plumped results.


Reduces signs of ageing by restoring skins elasticity, lift and firmness. Sulfate free, paraben-free, soap-free, mineral oil-free, dye-free, not tested on animals.


Behind the Science:
As we age we start to notice loose skin, fine lines, crepey skin and lax jowls. With AA Lift Serum, you can put the sprint back in your skin. Packed full of peptides amongst other things, AA Lift literally gives your skin its life back!

Key ingredients:
Collagen, Xylose, Elastin peptides and Sorghum juice.


Directions for use:
Apply directly onto dry, cleansed skin, ideally following a peel (Perfecting Solution). Target areas of concern. Use morning or evening.