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Fillmed Exfoliating Scrub


Exfoliating Cream (50ml)

Gentle Exfoliation


Gentle foaming cream with micro-beads. For intense cleansing that respects the skin.


This micro-polishing cream provides a mechanical exfoliation of the dead cells on the skin surface. With a controlled exfoliation action, this cream stimulates cells in the basal layer before reactivating the cell regeneration process.


Behind the Science:
Known for exfoliating dead cells without aggression,
• Silica micro-beads : for gentle exfoliation
• Sodium polyacrylate micro-beads : swell in contact with water, providing a pleasant massaging effect


Key ingredients:
Mineral Micro-Beads, Gentle Surfactant Complex


Directions for use:
Apply directly onto damp skin, massage around all areas of the face avoiding the eyes. Allow to foam, and then rinse with water. Recommended for use one or twice a week. Extend use to neck and décolletage for extra glow and softened skin.