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Filorga NCEF Essence




Supreme Multi-Correction Face Lotion
Hydration – Radiance


NCEF-ESSENCE, a moisturising anti-ageing hydrating lotion.

Hydration – Radiance


Moisturising concentrate

Using water sensors, AQUA-MX technology provides express and long-lasting hydration in just 30 min1


Skin booster effect

NCEF combined with an anti-pollution polysaccharide regenerates and reveals radiance in dull complexions and prepares the skin for products to follow.

Hydrating texture, high absorption. Bottle 150ml.

1 Self-assessment - 30 women - twice daily application of NCEF-ESSENCE for 7 days.



Use morning and/or evening on clean skin before serum or moisturiser. Apply with the palm of the hand or with a cotton pad to the whole face, until the product has been completely absorbed. Do not rinse. Shake before use.