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Filorga NCEF Reverse Mat



Supreme Multi-Correction Fluid
[Wrinkles – Firmness – Radiance]


NCEF-REVERSE MAT, a multi-correcting skincare product designed for oily and combination skin with ultra-concentrated NCEF to visibly improve skin quality and reduce the appearance of the signs of aging.


Wrinkles – Firmness – Radiance

Intensive skin quality renewal [Activated Regeneration]

Formula incorporating NCEF, a unique polyrevitalising complex developed by Laboratoires FILORGA with 50 ingredients incorporated for the first time in concentrations comparable to those used in a meso-injection1.


Active youth correction [Wrinkles – Firmness – Radiance]

The best age-defying ingredients [hyaluronic acid + collagen + vitamins A, H and E], combined with boosters of effectiveness that act simultaneously to visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin elasticity and complexion radiance.

Light texture with anti-shine and pore reduction complex. Matte finish. Airless bottle 50ml.

1 Effectiveness of a cosmetic product with a formula containing 50 ingredients in daily amounts equivalent to that of one meso-injection. Meso-injection originally developed by FILORGA.