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Filorga Sleep & Peel (4.5)



Micro-peeling night cream


Inter visible. The micro-peeling night cream inspired by professional peels that stimulates cell renewal for a new skin effect from the 1st morning!

Filorga has created the gentle face peel for everyone! The formula of this SLEEP&PEEL 4.5 resurfacing night cream combines the same acids as those used in aesthetic medicine, with a unique cosmetic concentration, to offer a gentle exfoliating action with visible results from the first morning and high tolerance for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Time to sleep and peel!


3 benefits for my skin

– Refined skin texture
– Smoothed wrinkles
– Radiant complexion


The key ingredients to its effectiveness

Gentle resurfacing action: The SLEEP&PEEL 4.5 facial night cream contains a unique
combination of hydroxy acids – AHAs and BHAs – with the perfect concentration of 4.5% to
offer effective exfoliation and optimum tolerance, night after night.


Soothing action: The SLEEP&PEEL 4.5 facial skincare product also incorporates a specific
brown algae extract to leave the skin comfortable.


Focus on sensoriality: The unique creamy texture of this SLEEP&PEEL 4.5 facial exfoliant is
gentle and enveloping. It treats the skin a real pampering experience, ideal before bed.


Use this face peel as a one-month treatment instead of your usual night cream to boost cell
renewal when the skin needs it.


– Apply in the evening to the entire face, neck and décolleté avoiding the eye contour

– Smooth the cream from the centre, then outwards and upwards.

– Help it to absorb by massaging lightly.

– Envelop the cheeks, forehead and chin, applying pressure with the palm of your hands.