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Filorga Hydra AOX (5) Serum




Intensive antioxidant serum


The FILORGA intensive antioxidant face serum that gives you younger-looking skin for longer.

  • The HYDRA-AOX [5] intensive antioxidant FILORGA face serum corrects and prevents early signs of ageing while protecting the skin against external aggressors (pollution and blue light), to act on the 5 parameters of skin quality: fine lines, uneven skin texture, pores, dull complexion and dehydration. Younger-looking skin for longer.
  • Its formula, recommended by our aesthetic doctors*, combines 5 powerful antioxidants [vitamin E + vitamin B3 + ergothioneine + vitamin C + astaxanthin]. A cocktail of 5 preventive anti-ageing active ingredients that improves the quality of the skin: it smooths fine lines, refines skin texture, reduces the appearance of pores and illuminates the complexion. This serum’s protective action is boosted by the combination of ergothioneine from rye, vitamin B3 and vitamin E, well-known for their effectiveness to fight against free radicals, prevent collagen breakdown, absorb blue light and protect the skin from ageing. Like other products from FILORGA’s HYDRA range, the formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid for all-day hydration.
  • 90% of women saw an improvement in skin quality after 7 days: fine lines are smoothed, skin texture looks refined and the complexion looks more luminous**.
  • Dermatologically tested.

*Aesthetic doctors who are members of the FILORGA scientific committee.
**Self-assessment – 32 volunteers – results after 7 days applying the HYDRA-AOX [5].



Ideal for all skin types, the HYDRA-AOX [5] face serum owes its orange shade to astaxanthin, which provides natural, long-lasting colour. Easily tolerated, it has a sensorial watery gel texture that is light and easy to spread, leaving the skin feeling comfortable.

The HYDRA-AOX [5] intensive antioxidant FILORGA serum is used morning and evening. Apply the product all over face and neck before the cream.