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Filorga Lift Designer




Ultra-Lifting Serum


LIFT-DESIGNER, an ultra-lifting serum formulated with special ingredients derived from aesthetic procedures for a radical age-defying appearance.

/ Visible lift effectiveness [smoother features + redefined volumes]

Incorporated in a cream for the first time, Plasmatic Lifting Factors combines special ingredients [Cell Factors + Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid] to visibly tighten the features, provide a plumped look to the skin and sculpt facial appearance.


Tightening effect

A duo of ultra-tightening ingredients [immediate + long-term] for a lifting effect to enhance effectiveness.

Ultra-light texture. Pump bottle 30ml.

  • In the morning and evening, apply to the entire face using the three-step massage technique:
  • Step 1:Tighten the Features


Using the fingertips, make smoothing motions from the bottom of the face upwards towards the cheekbones, temples and forehead.


Step 2: Plump the Skin Make light pinching motions with the pads of the fingers on the face contour, cheeks and forehead.


Step 3: Sculpt the Volume


Finish by vigorously tapping with the fingertips in upwards movements.