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Filorga Skin-Prep Cleansing Gel with AHAs 150ml



Cleansing your Skin is the first step in preventing skin ageing. With this in mind, Laboratoires Filorga have developed SKIN-PREP, a Face cleansing routine inspired by the protocols used in beauty surgeries, including the AHA cleansing gel.

Facial cleansing action that smoothes and purifies the skin.

THE FORMULA: At the heart of its formula, inspired by the cleansing techniques used in beauty practices, 3 AHAs [mandelic acid, citric acid and glycolic acid] of small molecular size combine with 1 PHA [gluconolactone] of larger molecular size, to deeply exfoliate and smooth the skin's surface.

This FILORGA Face Scrubs comes in the form of a soft gel, whose texture transforms into a fine foam when massaged.